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Independent Adoption

Independent/Private Adoption

Tennessee State Law requires that anyone who adopts a child must have an approved adoptive home study.

When birth mothers and adoptive parents work together in privately arranged adoptions, the adoptive home study must be presented to the court so that the adoptive couple can be named as guardian of the child when surrenders of parental rights are completed.

Adoptive couples may work with an agency in another state to facilitate an adoptive placement. An adoptive home study is completed in the state of residence and then approved by the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children. The ICPC is federally mandated to approve all placements of children across state lines. In these situations, adoptive couples may contract with AGAPE to provide the home study service and to provide the six months of post-placement supervision required to finalize the adoption.

Post-placement supervision is required by law for all adoptions. It involves regular home visits to assist the adoptive couple with adjustment and to document the child’s growth and development. Reports are provided to the adoption court as well as to any other agencies that may be involved, including Interstate Compact For Placement of Children in the state where the child was born and the state where the adoptive couple resides.

AGAPE is authorized through its Child Placing License to provide adoptive home studies and post-placement supervision. Its caseworkers are trained to facilitate Interstate Compact approval. Fees are based on the services provided.

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