Be a missionary in your own home.

You can be a missionary in your own home.

AGAPE provides foster care for children from birth through 17 years old. Foster families make a huge difference in helping children and teens overcome trauma and crisis. With the support and training that AGAPE provides, you and your family will be well prepared for the challenges and rewards of caring for a foster child.

It is a special gift to be able to give children and teens the support and nurturing that they need to find the security and stability that will help them to learn to make good life decisions.

If you have a desire to be missionaries in your own home, call AGAPE and learn how you can be important in the life of a child.

How to Become a Foster Parent

  1. Contact AGAPE to learn more about Fostering.
    Once you decide to become a foster parent, you must become licensed through AGAPE. We will guide you through every step of the application process. 

  2. Attend an Information Session.
    Attend an Information Session orientation to learn more about AGAPE Foster Care. The Information Session is required prior to attending PATH.

  3. Complete PATH Training.
    In the State of Tennessee, foster parents are required to complete pre-service training that is designed to prepare prospective foster parents for the physical, emotional and spiritual demands of foster care.

  4. Work with an AGAPE Social Worker to complete a home study.  
    An AGAPE Social Worker will visit your home and ensure that you have adequate space, supplies and safety measures in place to care for foster children. Interviews will be done with all family members to complete the family assessment.

  5. Final Approval
    AGAPE will submit all of the documentation to the state for final approval. Once approved, you will be ready to receive children in your home.

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