Being a parent can be hard – even on the best of days – but what happens if you find yourself the middle of a crisis?

Are you facing:

  • substance abuse rehabilitation,
  • in-patient medical care,
  • psychiatric care,
  • unstable living conditions,
  • homelessness, and/or
  • mental health issues?

You may need to take care of your problems before you care for your children, and you may not have family or friends who can meet your children’s needs for an extended period of time.  You may be a legal guardian of a child who entered your home unexpectedly and its more than you can handle.  Perhaps that child needs extra nurturing during a difficult time and you are overwhelmed.

Knowing that your children are being cared for and nurtured is vital to recovery and that is how AGAPE can help.  We can provide temporary, out-of-home placement for your children with fully trained and approved Christian foster parents who are supported by our staff of professional social workers.


AGAPE is a private, nonprofit agency licensed to place children.  We will treat you with dignity and respect and YOU will be part of the team working to restore your family.  We know that you love your children and want to provide a stable home.  Temporary assistance with parenting may be a solution.

We are ready to help.  Contact AGAPE today for the sake of your child.  

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