L-R: Lovette Gaston, Judge Darrell Scarlett, Josh, Griffin, Nora, and Kristen

We are excited to celebrate another AGAPE adoption story! Josh and Kristen Harvey adopted their daughter, Nora, through AGAPE in 2017, and just recently in November, they adopted their son, Griffin.

Josh and Kristen live in Murfreesboro, where they attend the Kingwood Church. Kristen grew up with friends from church who were adopted through AGAPE, which she says always made an impression on her. When Josh and Kristen began the adoption process themselves, they learned the hard lesson of patience. They spent two years waiting to adopt their daughter, Nora, which was finally complete in 2017. Now, they’ll tell you adoption is well worth the wait, and that learning patience actually prepared them for parenthood even when they didn’t realize it. 

While waiting to adopt Nora, Josh and Kristen felt anxious and worried, thinking, “Maybe we weren’t meant to have children?” Looking back now, they see how they could have trusted God more throughout the process. During Griffin’s adoption, they reminded themselves of how they saw God’s hand in their first adoption and knew it was better to trust in Him and His timing rather than their own. 

“We have seen God work in countless ways through both of our adoptions, and as a result, we have stronger faith and a testimony that we love to share,” Kristen says. “As Christians, we have all been adopted as children of God, and we understand and appreciate that on a much deeper level now.” (Eph. 1:5)

Nora and Griffin

Josh and Kristen have witnessed firsthand the love, grief, and loss that birth mothers experience in making the courageous decision for their child be adopted. The Harveys have so much respect and admiration for birth parents who selflessly choose what is best for their child, even at great pain to themselves.

Adoptive parents will be the first to tell you that a biological tie is not a requirement to love a child as your own, and the Harveys agree. “Sometimes that fear can stop people from pursuing adoption, but we wish it wouldn’t,” Josh says. “We love our children just as much as if Kristen had given birth to them.”

Josh and Kristen had the pleasure of working with AGAPE caseworkers Alisa Pearson and Lovette Gaston for their adoptions.  “Working with the Harveys has been a joy,” Lovette says. “They are passionate about being parents. Their loving, intentional, involved and nurturing parenting style is apparent in their interactions with their children. They are always concerned about the welfare of the birth parents and when possible, seek to have an open relationship with them to help their child have a connection to their heritage.”

We give thanks for families like the Harveys who seek to provide a loving, Christ-centered home for children in need, and we remember that “God sets the lonely in families.” (Ps. 68:6a) 


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Dec 14, 2021