kidsMegan Munson longed to have children of her own. She felt that adoption was the best way she and her husband, Michael, could grow their family. A few years ago, they began the lengthy adoption process and were put on waiting lists for three different agencies. In the meantime, they also became certified foster parents so they could provide respite care to support their friends, Chad and Laura Troup, who were fostering through AGAPE. 

At the time, they didn’t feel like they could provide full-time foster care since so many unknowns were involved, and the call to adopt a baby could come at any time. But when a child named Nico was placed in the Troups’ home for foster care, Michael and familyMegan immediately fell in love with him. They later learned that Nico and his sibling-to-be would need a permanent home, so they became their full-time foster parents with the intent to adopt. “There were so many unanswered questions, but we felt God’s hand in the situation and took a leap of faith,” Megan says. “We trusted it would work out for these to be the children we would adopt.” 

Megan says that the experience required them to rely heavily on their faith. “There was so little we could do in the situation and were completely dependent on others during this process. All we could do was love the little boys God had blessed us with and pray. We had to trust that God was working even when we felt like we weren’t making any progress and believe that His timing was perfect... After nearly 20 months, we were officially able to change their status from foster children to adopted children.” 

The Munsons attend church at Otter Creek. 

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Dec 20, 2018