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Chandler…because He first loved us!

Does it seem to you like nothing is the same as it was before March and may never be again? Overwhelmed! I am struggling to pen words that will inspire but not offend, will encourage but not hurt as we are overwhelmed with…masks or no masks; black lives matter, all lives matter or blue lives matter; open the church building or keep it closed; individual liberty or collective good; gather or don’t gather; hug don’t hug, etc. etc. etc. So I write what’s on my heart and pray it encourages and uplifts – and calls us all to greatness.

‘Agape’ is the Greek word used in scripture for the highest form of love. The love of God, the love of Christ, unconditional selfless love, love that is an actionable commitment, and not just some emotion or feeling. Our mission is to serve with the love of Christ - agape love. It is my hope and prayer every day that each of us who serves through AGAPE/Morning Star Sanctuary love according to 1 John 4:19-21, and not by our words alone but by the way we treat each other and those we serve. Our words are important, but our actions show our heart and soul and demonstrate our love for others.

"You can’t say you love the God you can’t see if you don’t love the people you do see, and God elevates the human community by how it treats its weakest members." – Dr. Harold Shank

Now think of the people we serve—you serve—through AGAPE. Think of the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, those who have seen all forms of injustice and evil perpetrated against them regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, social and economic status or sexual orientation. Think of those whose lives are a pandemic of the evil actions of others as well as their own destructive decisions and consequences. Yet sadly, when they do courageously seek help, they often find only conditional love and mercy from a system that is supposed to help them. That is our call to greatness! That is our opportunity, together as one body, as one AGAPE, to serve others with the love of Christ and to serve each other, regardless of our experiences or our race, sex, or ethnicity. Daily, we answer the call to seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God, to learn to do right and defend the oppressed and to love our neighbor as ourselves, and above all… love each other because He first loved us. We cant say we love God and not love our fellow man created in the image of God. 

Thank you for supporting our work and ministry. We continue to need your financial support and prayers. Together we can continue to show our community what the love of Jesus looks like lived out every day! 

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Jun 15, 2020