Every day at AGAPE, we encounter stories of brokenness and despair – some beyond belief. The trauma and suffering of our world seem to only be getting worse, and no one is exempt. And while our staff navigate these difficult situations with our clients, we hold onto hope provided only through Jesus. This gives us extra reason to celebrate when someone finds healing and mended relationships. This is just one of those stories that your support helps write.

Tosha was nine years old when she came into foster care. Tosha’s mother, Michelle, had her parental rights terminated, and another family planned to adopt Tosha and her brother…until they didn’t. The family still adopted her brother, but they didn’t adopt Tosha. They “gave her back” as sometimes happens in this broken and messy foster care system. 

Fast forward a few years and at age 14, Tosha had a baby while in foster care, and now her infant daughter would be removed from her and placed in… another foster home.

The case plan created by the Department of Children’s Services (DCS) recommended that Tosha and her baby be together in the same foster home. This was a good idea, but difficult to accomplish. Tosha’s foster home said, “Not us,” so DCS called AGAPE and asked if there was any chance we had another home for a 14-year-old mom and her baby. The Lord provided, and we said, “Yes.” Now, Tosha and her baby weren’t going to just any foster home – they were going to an AGAPE foster home with a family who loves the Lord and seeks to serve children and families with the love of Christ.

Tosha, her baby, and Michelle after their court hearing for reunification

Good story, right? Thankfully, there’s more to tell. Remember Tosha’s mother, Michelle? Whose parental rights were terminated when her daughter was only nine years old? God kept writing her story too. Through the help of AGAPE, DCS, and others, Michelle was able to begin her journey to sobriety and stability. She was able to be a part of Tosha’s life again, and after putting her own life back together, Michelle, Tosha and her baby were reunited after seven years in the foster care system. Now, Tosha and her baby have returned to live with Michelle, and AGAPE is walking alongside this family as they grow and heal together.

This year, AGAPE will serve more than 150 children through foster care. Some stories will end in adoption, some will end in reunification with their biological family, and others – well, they may be uncertain today, but the love and stability these children receive through AGAPE and the message of a loving Savior is certain every day.

When you give to AGAPE, we want you to see yourself in the stories that you are helping to rewrite, just like Tosha’s. Your generosity puts clean sheets on the beds our weary women fall into after escaping domestic violence. Your generosity provides trauma training to new foster families who have committed to taking in children likely removed because of abuse or neglect. Your generosity gives a play therapy session for a child who is struggling to heal from trauma and grief. Your generosity helps mend a fractured marriage through counseling. Your generosity helps a case manager make it through an overnight at a hospital with a child in mental health crisis.

We need your partnership to ensure that we are able to continue serving children, families and individuals with the healing love of Christ. Will you consider making a gift before the end of 2021? You may give online by clicking here. We appreciate your support and ask you to continue praying for AGAPE and those we serve.

You may not know exactly which line items are fulfilled by your gifts, but we hope you know that you are a healing agent in these stories. Isaiah 58:10 says, “if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” Thank you for your generosity towards AGAPE and for helping to rewrite the stories of countless lives we will serve this year. To make a gift in support of AGAPE, click here.

May God’s grace and peace be with you,

Chandler Means
Executive Director

P.S. You may not know exactly which line items are fulfilled by your gifts, but we hope you know that you are a healing agent in the stories that your support helps to rewrite. If you'd like to make a gift to AGAPE, please click here.

Dec 20, 2021