May is National Foster Care Month! Take a moment to read the following story from one of our caseworkers in our #FosterCareFriday series:

"Foster care is many things, but at its core, foster care is caring for one of the most vulnerable groups of people. We often ask our foster parents to go beyond what they were expecting, and in my experience, they do it with such grace. We recently had a sibling group of 5 split between 2 foster homes. In the short time they were with us, their foster parents poured into the children selflessly. The birth mom of these children grew up in the foster care system herself, and she found herself in a situation without the support she needed. During a supervised visit with her children, birth mom stopped and took time to pray with and pray over her children. This moment was simple and not scripted, but it was something she did out of the love she has for her children. As the visit ended, she prayed over her children again and her prayer was simple, “Father, please protect my babies and let them feel safe with your arms around them. Father, remind my children that I love them and I will fight for them, but they are in the best possible place right now.”

Foster care is about caring for the children in need, but it is also about meeting the needs of the birth families and building a connection with them to show them the love of Jesus. This particular birth mother needed a community of people, and she found that in the AGAPE foster parents caring for her children."

May 03, 2019